Love Notes from Abby- Worry: When It's Too Heavy To Carry


One of my earthly heroes is Corrie Ten Boom.

She's the author of The Hiding Place. She was born in Germany and was a German and had a German family, but they had a heart for the Jewish people and ended up hiding Jewish people in their homes and were later arrested and sent to concentration camps.

Everyone in her family died in the concentration camps except for Corrie.

Her Ministry started, I'm going to get my facts wrong here, but I want to say her ministry started when she was in her late fifties, and I just find her to be so incredibly encouraging.

She has just the most phenomenal testimony, and when she shares things about her family, they're equally amazing.

One of my favorite stories that she shared had to do with her father. And the story goes that Corrie went to her mother and asked her what sex was.

She had heard it at school or heard out somewhere. She wanted to know what that meant, and her mother not knowing what to say, told her just to wait and ask her father.

And so when Corrie's dad came home that evening with his briefcase in hand and he set it down, she approached him, and she asked her big question.

She said, “Daddy, what, what does sex mean?”

And his response was, “Hey Corrie, I need you to go and grab my briefcase and I want you to carry it for me.”

And so Corrie being six years old, she went to pick up the briefcase and the bag, and it was so heavy she couldn't carry it.

She went to her dad and she said, “Daddy, it's too heavy. I can't carry it.”

And he said, “And the same about your question. There are some things that are just too heavy for you to carry. And so I will carry it for you.”

I think that this story is very much like when God tells us to “cast all our burdens on him.”

You see, they're just too heavy for us to carry.

But He, the Good Father, will carry them for us.

As you go about your day today, I hope that that image and that picture just plays in your mind over and over.

Every time that you find yourself stressed out and burdened and carrying the load that just too heavy for you to carry. My prayer is that you will drop it at the feet of Jesus.

If it's a sin issue, I pray that you will repent and turn.

If it's just simply a worry issue, I pray that you will leave it at the foot of the Good Father who will carry it for us.

I hope you have an outstanding day. I'm so glad that you're here and I will talk to you tomorrow.

Now, go take on your day.


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