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How to Combat Feelings of Shame with Truth


You know. That gut-wrenching feeling in the pit of your stomach that makes you secretly hate yourself. 

Those memories of all the times you've messed up in the past. That you're dirty. Or unloved. Or unworthy of love.

It seems there is an epidemic of feelings of shame in our society.

Not to be dramatic, but the enemy is having a hay day wreaking havoc in the minds of women everywhere. What better way to distract you from doing all the things you were designed to do than devastating you with all these feelings?

What if you didn't have to feel that way? 

What if shame didn't consume your thoughts?

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Uncertainty, Doubt, Shame, Guilt, and Bestie Texties

Bestie Texties:  I wasn't sure if this was a commonly used term or one I made up….until I googled the term and saw that “textie” is now used to describe people you text all the time, like besties. (Thanks, Urban Dictionary.  I was worried you would give me an inappropriate definition, but you kept it clean, win!)  For me, it describes the text messages I send to my close friends.  I usually refer to them as my “if I were to actually do status updates on Facebook, this is what it would be…”

Ironically enough, I am not one for public sharing on social media or online (this is a blog post, I know, but God has a good sense of humor…).  On the other hand, get me around a group of friends, or even new acquaintances, and if the occasion calls for it, I will happily tell my embarrassing stories, even the ones that I told myself I would NEVER tell because everyone doesn’t need to know every detail of my life.  Have some decency, Samantha!!!  But it never fails. I get around a group of people and the TMI stories eventually come out.

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