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Uncertainty, Doubt, Shame, Guilt, and Bestie Texties

Bestie Texties:  I wasn't sure if this was a commonly used term or one I made up….until I googled the term and saw that “textie” is now used to describe people you text all the time, like besties. (Thanks, Urban Dictionary.  I was worried you would give me an inappropriate definition, but you kept it clean, win!)  For me, it describes the text messages I send to my close friends.  I usually refer to them as my “if I were to actually do status updates on Facebook, this is what it would be…”

Ironically enough, I am not one for public sharing on social media or online (this is a blog post, I know, but God has a good sense of humor…).  On the other hand, get me around a group of friends, or even new acquaintances, and if the occasion calls for it, I will happily tell my embarrassing stories, even the ones that I told myself I would NEVER tell because everyone doesn’t need to know every detail of my life.  Have some decency, Samantha!!!  But it never fails. I get around a group of people and the TMI stories eventually come out.

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