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The Secret to Organizing When You Don't Know Where to Start

Picture this.  

Your eyes flutter open. 

Still nestled in your cozy bed, you realize today isn’t just an ordinary day.  You realize today is…special.  You almost feel… Huh.  You’re not sure.  It’s been years since you’ve felt this way.  Is it?  Could it be?  Are you motivated?  Your heart starts to pound.  Yes!  YES!  You’re motivated.  REALLY motivated.  So motivated that you wonder for a split second if you’ve been body snatched.  As you briefly ponder what body snatching even means, you pinch yourself to make sure this isn’t some cruel dream.  

All at once, the craziest idea flits through your brain.  THIS is the day you’ve been waiting for.  Been praying for.  This is the day you’re finally gonna tackle your--cue dramatic music--OFFICE.  

Well, no one in your family actually calls it an office anymore. It’s actually known as “The Room You Throw Yourself in Front of If Company Shows Up Before You Can Slam the Door.”  

Today is the day.  THE. DAY!  It’s organizing day, baby!

You leap out of bed, shoving children and pets out of your way.  You’re ready!  You’re finally ready!  Sprinting through the house, you smell victory in the air.  You’re gonna show your office who’s boss today.  No longer will it mock you.  No longer will it hold 250 square feet of your home hostage.   Those craft and office supplies, piles of paperwork, broken toys, outdated phones, and discarded purses?  Well, by the end of the day they’ll be begging you for mercy along with all the other crap you’ve tossed in there for the past six months.  

Before your family can distract you, you’ve barricaded yourself inside.  A chair is shoved under the door knob because your youngest has an uncanny ability to pick locks.  You pause to catch your breath.

You’ve got everything you need.  Motivation.  Heart.  Determination.   Your right hand reaches out for the light switch.  You take one more deep breath and smile broadly in the shadowed room.  THIS. IS. IT. 


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8 Ways Living An Organized Life is A LOT Like Your Walk With Jesus

God is not a god of chaos.  He just… isn’t.  He isn’t down with disorder or confusion.  (1 Corinthians 14:33 BTW I may have paraphrased a little bit!) I mean, really?  Could He have made such efficient use of seven days if he was all discombobulated?  Heck, no.  

God is all about organization.  All about order.  And I love it.  I absolutely love it.  It’s good to know at least someone’s got His ducks in a row, right?  That’s not where the whole God/organizing parallel ends though.  No, no, no.   There are actually a number of parallels between living an organized life and living a life lovin’ the Father,  the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Don’t worry, I’ve only highlighted eight of them!

1. Constant effort is required

You don’t just make the mental decision and then-BOOM- your life is sunshine and waterfalls. 

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