How to Draw 15 (Effortless) Flowers for Bible Journaling

Do you love all the flowers you see on bible journaling pages but don’t know how to draw them yourself? This blog post has a video showing you how to draw 15 different flowers AND a printable practice sheet!

Hi guys! 

For today’s blog post I made a video for you showing you how to draw some simple flowers to add to your bible journaling pages. 

You can take all of these flowers that I have drawn separately in the video and put them together to make little bouquets, wreaths, and bundles to make your bible pages super pretty!

These are just a few different kinds of flowers you can draw. There are so many different ways you could draw flowers that I could never begin to show you all of them, but I think that these will help you get started.

Just like my banner video, I thought it would be easier if you watched me draw them instead of trying to read a written description (although I did add short descriptions below), especially because there are so many!

Please keep in mind that I drew these pretty quickly AND I sped the video up about 2x, so do what I do in the video…except way slower! :)

Here are some very quick descriptions of the flowers in the video (bear with me on the names…I had no idea what to call some of them! Haha!)

1. Simple rose 

Draw a circle, then curved lines around the inside of the circle to make petals, overlapping and getting smaller, until you get until the middle.

2. Spiral rose

Draw a circle, then a spiral from the inside to the outside of the circle. Draw another spiral the same way, but in the opposite direction.

3. Petaled rose

Start with a small, wonky looking oval. Draw half wonky looking ovals around the oval overlapping, getting larger as you go around until you’re happy with the size and the way it looks.

4. Simple stemmed rose

Draw a tight, oblong spiral, Draw a U shape connecting the two sides of the spiral. Draw a curved line through the middle of the U shape, a straight line down from the U and add two leaves to the sides.

5. Simple Tulip

Draw a football shaped oval. Add two half football shapes to each side. A straight line down for the stem and two long super skinny ovals for the leaves.

6. Daliah-esque flower

Draw some skinny loops in the shape of a small flower. Connect the ends of the loops with half circles. Go all the way around connecting the half circles getting larger as you go out until you’re happy with the size and look.

Be sure to download your free copy of the Beginner's Guide to Basic Drawing!

7. Rolled Edge Flower

Draw a small circle for the middle. Add flower petals all the way around it with kind of rounded square ends. Draw a squiggly line across the ends of the petals to look like they’re folded over. Add lines for shading or just color them a slightly different color than the main part of the petal.

Do you love all the flowers you see on bible journaling pages but don’t know how to draw them yourself? This blog post has a video showing you how to draw 15 different flowers AND a printable practice sheet!

8. Funky and Whimsical

Draw different sized circles beside each other at different heights. Add circles to the insides of each of the circles, getting smaller as you get to the middle. Draw a straight line down for the stem. Add leaves to the stems however you’d like. Go back over everything you just drew messily…or as we like to call it, whimsically. 

9. Tulip-esque

Draw the football-shaped petals like you did for the tulip, but add a few more to the sides and then the tops of a triangle in between them. Add little lines with dots on the end in-between each petal.

10. Simple daisy

Probably something you drew a lot as a kid. Draw a small circle for the center. Draw simple rounded petals all the way around. Add a stem and leaves.

11. Dandelion

Draw a small black circle for the middle. Draw lines in all directions to make a circle shape. Add V’s to the tips of the lines Fill in as necessary with more lines and V’s. Add a stem and leaves. You can add “blown” fuzzies off to the side.

12. Flower buds

Draw two oblong shapes for leaves angled away from each other so there’s a V shape in the middle. Connect them by half circle to make the petal part of the bud. I usually draw them in small bundles.

13. Berries

Draw a line, draw a small circle at the top and then small circles on each side of the line until you are happy with the way it looks.

14. Fuzzy sprig

Draw a line and then smaller lines on each side making it look like a type of fir type tree branch.

15. Vine

Draw a line and then small, oval shapes for the leaves at the top of the line and on each side.

I like using the last 3 as “extras” for wreaths or bundles of flowers. I usually add them to the sides of flowers coming out from the leaves. Just think of the way a bouquet looks and how there are sprigs of fun little vines, twigs, berries, ect. sticking out from the flowers.

I have also included some downloadable practice sheets so you can practice yourself! I recommend using tracing paper to trace the flowers so you only have to print the page once, but I also left plenty of room below for you to practice too if you prefer that!

I hope that you found this tutorial helpful! 

I would love to see what you make! You can use the hashtag #rockthisrevival or share in our super amazing Facebook group!