Bible Journaling | Matthew 28:20 - God's Promises

Guest post by Neely Beattie

This page was inspired by a SheReadsTruth devotional a few months ago on Genesis.

One thing in particular that the writer of the devotional said really resonated with me. It said,

“Jacob’s path was marked with memories, with celebrations and sorrows, just like yours and mine. And the most remarkable part? God kept every bit of that promise He’d made to Jacob, watching over him wherever he went.” 

As I read this, I could so clearly see our path so far. 

Bible Journaling by Neely Bettie | Matthew 28:20 I could so clearly see our path so far. As I walked down it in my mind, I could see each memory we have made.

As I walked down it in my mind, I could see each memory we have made. Each struggle we have faced. Each blessing we have received.

As I drew this page, I almost made a little sign for each really significant moment that has shaped us as individuals and a family…but there’d be quite a few little signs littered down the path. And really, they’re not necessary because they’re each written on my heart. 

As I close my eyes and walk down this pathway in my mind, I can see them all so vividly.

In some of those memories I can remember feeling God’s presence so clearly at the time. In other memories I can only see His presence as I look back on them.

I can remember wondering in those moments if I’d ever be happy again. Wondering if God had forgotten us. Wondering if He was somehow punishing us. Wondering if He’d left. 

Whether I see Him or not in the situations we go through doesn’t matter. What matters is He promised us He’d be with us until the very end (Matthew 28:20). 

Through the messes I've made. Through the messes life made all on it’s own. He’s been with us everywhere we’ve gone. He’s gotten us through it all. The times we wondered if we could do it. The times we knew we could. The times we cried. The times we celebrated. He was right there with us. Everywhere we’ve gone, He’s been ahead of us on our path guiding us. He’s been behind us, ready to catch us when we stumbled.

There will be so many more signs put up on our path. Some will be happy; some will be hard. What they will be and when is uncertain. But the one thing that isn’t uncertain is that God will be with us through them all. 

As we nail each memory beside our path, He will be there supporting us, helping us, consoling us, celebrating with us every step of the way.