Kitchen Makeover + Reveal

Thanks for stopping by to check out our kitchen makeover and reveal!


This is the before picture of our kitchen. Quite honestly, this pic makes it look not half bad.

We’ve been in the house for six years now, and it’s the one room that has never felt like “us.”

We loved the style of the cabinets and the pulls, but the wood, in real life, was a super light color. It didn’t go well with our dark wood floors.

The only backsplash was a small portion behind the stovetop. It was comprised of warm greens and maroons. #notourtaste

We decided for our kitchen makeover, we would paint the cabinets and install a backsplash between all the counters and cabinets.

Before 7.JPG
Before 10.JPG

Disregard the dirty floor… it seemed silly to sweep before we got started. :)


Our countertops are in great shape. They are a grey corian, and we are really happy with them. #theystay

Before 4.JPG

The previous owners had a small tv mounted where you see the gaping hole. My solution for the past six years was to place the coffee pot in front of it. #dontjudge

Before 9.JPG

I’ve never understood this backsplash with this color of cabinets…. but anyhoo, it would soon be gone.



Who knew there were so many decisions to make about the color of grout as well as the spacing?! We decided to go with more space between the tiles and a lighter grey grout. We’re really happy with the finished product!


Behind the plastic is the brand new white subway tile backsplash. Our painters removed all the doors, hinges, and pulls. And, because they were spraying them, we had to take everything out of the cabinets and drawers. #notfun

During 3.JPG

We’ve got a lot of stuff!

During 5.JPG

More stuff.

During 6.JPG

Even more stuff.

During 1.JPG

While we were having the cabinets painted, we decided to have the walls and trim painted as well. #rightdecision

During 8.JPG

Not having access to the sink and fridge was interesting. I never realized just how much I was accustomed to washing my hands and getting water in there.

Thankfully, the whole project took about week. Then, we waited a few more days to put everything back. #totallyworthit


And here is the finished product….


Though it’s white, it feels warm and cozy to us.

After 1-1.JPG

I didn’t want you to have to scroll up to compare the two. #itannoysmetoo

Revive Prayer Challenge.jpg
Revive Prayer Challenge (1) (1).jpg

Cabinet Organization

Since we had all the things out of the cabinets and drawers, we decided it was the perfect time to purge and reorganize. I’ve learned that if I find a good place for something, I’m good about putting it back there.

We decided to invest in some spice rack organization, and it may be the best twenty bucks I’ve ever spent.

This spice rack pulls down where I can reach everything!

If you need this in your life, you can click the pic to get one of your own! It’s an affiliate link which means we’ll make a small commission at no additional cost to you. #winwin


Are we glad we did it?

All in all, we couldn’t be happier with the kitchen makeover.

If you’re curious about the breakdown, here was the cost:

Cabinets: cleaned, sanded, and sprayed with an oil based paint $2,000

Painting kitchen walls and trim: $300

Backsplash: removal of old backsplash, white subway tile, grey grout, installed: $600

For under $3,000 we were able to get our dream kitchen!

I have to say we feel like we got a steal!

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