Author: Jennie McChargue

Jennie McChargue has a heart for helping women learn to pray. She knows there are times in our lives that we don’t even know what to pray. After overcoming a near-fatal incident in 2013, she has experienced first-hand the power of prayer. She wants everyone to experience that same healing and restoration.

She is the master teacher at a high school in South Louisiana where she coaches, supports, and promotes effective classroom practices. Her greatest joy is being Jacob's mom. She's learning to navigate the waters of how to be the best mom for her recent high school graduate and current college student son.

Jennie's deepest desire is for others to experience the joy, freedom, and redemption that only comes from Jesus Christ.

She proudly sports her "Jesus cape" and wants others to have one as well! She is a warrior, encourager, and victor in Christ. 

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