Author: Brenna Peyton

Brenna is a professional organizer in Nashville, TN, who gets IT.  She gets how important your home and family are.  She knows from deep down in her soul that your family and your home are the very heart of who you are, and that with every fiber of your being, you want more time, space, and energy to enjoy both of those things.   She also knows that some days you’d rather set your house on fire than deal with the chaos that awaits you there.  She gets that life is hard.  Even the good things in life.  ESPECIALLY the good things in life.

Brenna is ALL about figuring out practical, simple solutions, so you can live with less chaos, resentment, anxiety and panic.  In short, so you can live a life without the C.R.A.P. (Chaos, Resentment, Anxiety, and Panic)

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