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The Cost of Disorganization- Four Ways Disorganization is Costing You Money






Self-loathing thoughts. 


If you’re struggling with organization, some of that sounds pretty dang familiar, doesn’t it?   For some people, I’m describing just a regular Tuesday night.   

See, most of the time, people who struggle with disorganization are acutely aware of how that disorganization directly effects the environment in which and the people with whom they live.  

They realize they fight with their spouse because the laundry is never done.  They scream at their kids because their rooms look like they’ve been burglarized.  They dump their purse in the middle of the garage because they can’t find their stupid keys and everyone is about to be late for the fourth time this week.  

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Back to School: Must Do Daily Habits

Back to School.

Regardless of whether that phrase sends shivers of delight or terror down your spine, it’s here.  


Whatever happened to going back to school after Labor Day?  You know, spending your last day of freedom lamenting that summer was over and that the Jerry Lewis Telethon was taking the place of all of your favorite regularly scheduled programs?  The ones you wouldn’t see again until December.

And that means your routine IS going to change.   For some people, the laid back easiness of summer is all coming to an end.  In its place will be tight schedules, missed buses, forgotten lunches. For others, the chaos of the summer will finally be reined in.  Structure will replace the frenetic free-for-all brought about by the warmer months.    

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