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The Struggle To Be Skinny: What Does God Have To Say About It?

I want to be skinny.  There.  I said it.  I mean who sits around thinking they WANT to be overweight.  I know I sure don’t.

For years I obsessed about this.  I beat myself up time and time again.  And if I’m honest with myself (and you), I still take Satan’s bait on this one from time to time.  Sometimes when I’m overweight and, hear this, sometimes when I’m actually quite thin and fit I fall prey to the enemy’s body image lies. 

For those who struggle with body image issues, our thought life related to our weight can be all consuming.  For some, that looks like a number on the scale.  It may look like a certain pair of jeans that MUST fit.  For others, it’s eating just the right number of calories in a day.  Or maybe it’s that thigh dimple that shows each time you sit down.  The obsessions can take all shapes and sizes—just like our bodies. 

Early in time before the fall of man, Adam and Eve walked in a garden of perfection, get this, totally naked.  Can you imagine?  I try and sit sometimes to ponder what it must be like to have total freedom in your body, to just walk around with no thought as to what you look like and what others must be thinking about what you look like.  I really can’t even go there.  And then, food enters the picture to ruin it all.  Ok, not exactly, but it helps me feel better to blame it on the food.

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