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3 Myths About Losing Weight- Debunked

There seems to be a new diet out every day claiming to be the "miracle" that will help you lose weight.  


They promise if you eliminate this one thing or add that one thing or do this one exercise, you will lose weight and maybe have rock hard abs.


If losing weight and getting abs are that simple, how come none of it works?  I mean if this is really the case shouldn’t I be able to make a few tweaks and add an exercise and have those air-brushed abs? Hey, it’s about to be summer, after all.

Oh, that’s not what how it works? Dang it! If only…

Well, now what? What's the TRUTH?  

Ok, here’s the deal, what you eat matters.  There, I said it.  Ugh!  Why must this be so?!?! 

I know, I know.   I wish somehow magically I could make this reality disappear, but it is FACT.  What we put into our bodies makes the majority of the difference in how we look, feel and function.  NUTRITION MATTERS.   

We have been fed lots of misleading information over the years about how to lose weight and be healthy.  Eat less and exercise more, right? WRONG!  

Yes, ultimately on some level calories matter, but to only focus on the number of calories you eat is doing your body and your brain a disservice.  I want to bring to your attention a handful of other, more relevant, things to pay attention to and the related myths we hear. 

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6 Tips for First-Time Runners

The first time I was invited to run I thought, "Sure, why not." I had never run before-- well, not since I was in elementary school I'm sure. I chased after my son when he was two, but I doubt that constituted as running. I think I jogged to the mailbox a time or two to beat the rain, but again, that probably didn't categorize as a run.

I remember that first run. I remember my thoughts too. They were something like:


Who does this...on choice?!

Oh my gosh,  this sucks.

What in the world am I doing?

Are we almost done?

I think I'm dying...I can't breath...can we stop?!


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