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How to Find God When You Can't See Him


Have you ever needed to hear God speak?

As in your soul was crying out for Him.

Several years ago my mother and I were blessed to go to Alaska for one of my speaking events. It was in October, and we would be there for the wreck anniversary day.

I normally don't do speaking events on or close to that date, but.... it was Alaska. And my mom. 

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SPIRITUAL VISION: Too old? Too late?
Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp
    Or what’s a heaven for? (1)

Ah, Oswald, how you prick my heart! Anyone who knows me knows that Oswald Chambers is on my list of top 10 heroes – it (the list) changes periodically as I study and read and get to know people – most of whom are dead since most are from the Bible – save and except Francine Rivers (that’s for another time!) Oswald Chamber’s  “My Utmost for His Highest” has been on my daily reading list for 20+ years.  And it was, once again, his words that encouraged me to search the scriptures.

I digress (must be dreaming dreams instead of having visions).  Because - VISIONS – that’s what’s been on my heart.  As  I read Oswald, I recognized myself as often being one with “idealistic principles.” 

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