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How Sweet the Rescue of the Lord: when you need all the help you can get

Your way. How’s that working for you?

Has your situation changed?

You’ve tried everything, right?

  • Spilled your guts on Facebook, looking for sympathy, a like, or a thumbs up.
  • Marched into Books-A-Million and purchased the latest number-one selling self-help book.
  •  Drank yourself into a stupor to escape your current reality.
  •  Popped a pill or two just to feel momentary happiness or relief from the crazy.
  •  Hid in your house and slept on the couch to avoid the day.
  •  Resorted to casual sexual encounters, mistaking them for love or validation.
  •  Rejected those closest to you, convinced they wouldn’t understand. 
  • Decided to be part of the crowd so you’d belong.

Didn’t work, did it?

I know. It’s okay. None of these worked for me either.

For years I stumbled through life doing things my way. I made lists. I checked the calendar. I talked it out. I rationalized. I theorized. I read books. I weighed options. I considered pros and cons. I basically relied on me. I’m smart. Surely I’m capable.

While I in no way discredit the value of these actions, I readily admit there was one thing missing.

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