Bible Journaling- Acts: The Power of the Holy Spirit

I'm going to admit something to you that I’m a little embarrassed about.

The Holy Spirit is something that took me a long time to really understand for some reason. It seemed ghostly, unattainable, and strange until I really sat down to deliberately learn what and who it was.

And when I really think about it, the Holy Spirit is something that’s extremely easy to take advantage of. 

It’s one of those really important things that you don’t realize how much it does for you until it’s gone (Lucky for us, He's not going anywhere!). 

Beautiful representation of the power of the Holy Spirit. Bible journaling marries creativity with interacting in the Word.

I don’t think we realize just how much the Holy Spirit does for us and how influenced we are by it. 

  • Those little whispers we get throughout the day as we make decisions. 
  • The comfort we feel when we’re hurting. 
  • The prayers that seem to pour out of us when we weren’t sure what we were going to say when we began. 
  • The fire in our hearts we feel when we speak about God and His goodness. 
  • The journal entries we write. 
  • The paint we cover our pages with. 
  • The joy we feel despite the world. 

The Holy Spirit leads people to Jesus and proclaims the promises of God with a passion and conviction that’s hard to deny. 

The Holy Spirit opens eyes and hearts. 

All of these things, plus more, come from the Holy Spirit.

Imagine if God had not given us this gift. What if He hadn’t given us the Holy Spirit after Jesus left. No counselor, no helper, no comforter, no one to intercede for us. What a lonely life that would be. How desperate and hopeless would we all feel? We would be down here feeling like we’re grasping at straws.

The Holy Spirit is a gift from God that is literally life changing. God knows what we need. We need Him. We need Jesus. And we need the Holy Spirit. It’s the trinity for a reason. Without all three, even if just one is missing, we aren’t complete either.

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Neely Beattie

Neely is a wife, stay-at-home mom, and photographer in Southwest Missouri. She loves Jesus, laughing, sarcasm, flannel shirts, a hot cup of coffee and a good book. Neely is drawn to the quirky, weird, and random things in life and can find something funny in almost any situation. With a bachelors degree in graphic design, she has found another way to funnel her love for creating: using bible journaling to share God's message. What began as a personal commitment to soak up God's word by using art, has now become a way to encourage and uplift others. When Neely isn't doing any of the above things, she can usually be found binge watching shows on Netflix or texting her sister-in-law funny pictures she found on the Internet.